Veterans, families
and carers

Veterans can be affected by trauma from wartime or peacekeeping deployment, or from experiences closer to home, like an accident or being bullied. As they enter aged care, they can still be experiencing the impacts of trauma.

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Trauma, Loss and Grief
Trauma and Dementia
Helping an Older Person Affected by Trauma

Trauma, Loss and Grief

Older veterans have experienced many things that can cause grief and ongoing trauma in later life, and can impact their health and wellbeing. Find out how to support an older Veteran who is experiencing trauma, grief and loss.

Trauma and Dementia

Older veterans living with dementia can have difficulty coping with trauma, because it’s harder for them to communicate, feel safe or make sense of painful memories. Find out how you can support older veterans living with both dementia and trauma.

Helping an Older Veteran Affected by Trauma

Support from family and friends is crucial for recovery from trauma. If you are caring for an older Veteran who has been affected by trauma, there are some simple things you can do to help.