Aged Care Managers

The majority of people in aged care have experienced trauma, loss and/or grief at some point in their lives, which can impact both residents and staff. Our resources provide a person-centred approach that can build a sense of safety, control and empowerment for the trauma-affected individual, and help your staff look after their own wellbeing.

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Trauma-Informed Practice
Trauma-Informed Service Delivery
Psychological First Aid for Managers
Training courses for Managers
Wellbeing and Self-Care

Understanding Trauma-Informed Care

Without the right tools in place, trauma can be difficult to identify and manage. The below resources will help you understand trauma, and how an aged care organisation can better operate to support someone who has experienced trauma.

Trauma in the Aged Care Sector Webinar Trauma, Loss and Grief video What is Trauma-Informed Care? video Building connections video

Implementing Trauma-Informed Care

Please note: the below resources are not currently available. We apologise for any inconvenience.

The resources below provide guidance on how to deliver Trauma-Informed Services using examples, standards, cultural competence advice and tips for practising person-centred, trauma-informed care.
The self-assessment tool will help identify whether your organisation operates from a Trauma-Informed perspective and how to implement trauma-informed practice and policies.

Trauma-Informed Care Checklist (currently unavailable) Trauma-Informed Care
Manager’s Workbook (currently unavailable)

Training and Psychological First Aid for Managers

Our training modules: Trauma-Informed Care (TIC) and Psychological First Aid (PFA) will equip you with practical strategies to implement at your facility. Key learning objectives include:
Understanding the impacts of Trauma in an Aged-Care context; and
Supporting staff to deliver trauma-informed care.

Psychological First Aid Training Trauma-Informed Care For Managers – in-depth training 90 min

Wellbeing and Self-Care

As a manager of an aged care facility, you are no stranger to stress; there are many people relying on you, including staff who may be impacted by trauma. Learn some practical skills to help you manage stress and improve your own wellbeing.

Caring for older people:
How can trauma affect me? Fact Sheet
Caring for older people affected by
trauma: How do I look after myself?
Fact Sheet
Staff wellbeing in aged care
Self-Care video Self-care: looking after your wellbeing and the health of your staff video SOLAR Wellbeing Program