New Training Programs

2016 Training Programs

Do you help people recover from trauma?

Our engaging and interactive training programs will give you the skills to provide practical, effective support and treatment to people who have been affected by trauma.


These programs are suited to a range of roles, including volunteers, workplace peers or managers, community workers, and mental health practitioners.


Psychological First Aid is a practical, flexible, and recommended approach to helping people in the immediate aftermath of a traumatic event, such as a disaster, workplace accident, or assault. This one-day workshop is suitable for both lay and professional helpers.

Sydney 16 Mar; Brisbane 13 Apr; Melbourne 24 Jun; Adelaide 4 Nov 


Trauma-Informed Care is an evidence-informed approach to understanding and assisting people to recover from trauma, suitable for people who work in community-based services. One-day workshop.

Sydney 15 Mar; Brisbane 12 Apr; Perth 20 Jun; Adelaide 8 Aug; Melbourne 12 Sep; Darwin 12 Oct


Trauma-Focussed Psychological Therapy teaches the most effective treatment for posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Two-day workshop plus consultations.

  • Working with children & adolescents Melbourne 11-12 Apr; Sydney 11-12 Aug; Brisbane 5-6 Sep; Melbourne 6-7 Oct; Sydney 3-4 Nov 
  • Working with adults Sydney 17-18 Mar; Brisbane 14-15 Apr; Melbourne 14-15 Apr; Perth 21-22 Jun; Hobart 10-11 Aug; Melbourne 5-6 Sep; Brisbane 6-7 Oct; Sydney 10-11 Oct 


Cognitive Processing Therapy is an effective cognitive behavioural treatment for PTSD, and offers an alternative to exposure-based therapy for specialist mental health providers. Two-day workshop plus consultations.

Melbourne  9-10 Mar; Townsville 22-23 Jun; Sydney 1-2 Sep; Darwin 10-11 Oct; Brisbane 2-3 Nov 


Neuropsychological Impact of Trauma helps specialist mental health providers identify and understand the impact of cognitive deficits across the lifespan that are associated with trauma and PTSD. One-day workshop.

Adelaide 24 Jun; Melbourne 8 Aug; Brisbane 12 Sep; Sydney 4 Nov